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Broaden Your Marketing and Social Media Advertising Message and Stand Out of The Mainstream

More than 70 percent of consumers today expect that a brand will be available on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Your brand expectations of customers are high for a targeted, integrated social media plan rather than any presence on social media. For almost any type of company, the use of marketing services on social media can be useful.

Although most companies know that they need to send their products and services through social media, they do not know what to invest in or how much money is to be allocated to their networks. Our social media management services come in here.

Businesses can take advantage of NX3 Digital’s social media and advertising services by addressing social media issues and by focusing on their brand.

Our SMM Services Include:


  • Market analysis of your services and the industry in which you work
  • Identification of local competitors who now outsize and involve you
  • Identification and analysis of efficient messages in your industry


  • Find material that is highly involved with your demographic goal
  • Blog posts and regular postings
  • Monitoring involvement and interaction


  • Creating distinct audiences to best target your company and brand
  • Language development and visuals for high-performance social media ads
  • Monitoring and improvement of sponsored social advertising


  • Keeping track of your audience and reach and adapt as necessary
  • Monitoring of the participation rates
  • Optimizing click rates and lead creation
  • Optimizing and tracking ROI for paid social campaigns

Why Investing in social media marketing for your company is an intelligent move

Social media campaigns are cost-effective and may be adjusted to achieve your target population and save you money.

Our social media experts collect basic data to help you understand which social media websites offer the lowest per capita cost and the best return on your publicity investment while you are working with us.

We can help you track and test paid social media activities across a range of platforms.

Facebook Advertising:

You can see both text and photographs in your advertisement in the Facebook advertising campaign to reach your audience. You can choose to spend or pay for a billion (thousand impressions) audience on the basis of interests, population, and geography.

Over 900 million unique users utilize the Facebook platform alone, spending over 700 billion minutes a month.

Would you like to publish regions in which your customers spend the most time?

Instagram Marketing:

For every firm that sells or distributes aesthetically appealing products, the use of Instagram marketing is vital. Not only is it the second most popular social media network, but 74% of its members utilize it every day.

YouTube Advertising:

YouTube is Google's second most popular search engine with a larger audience than any TV network. Unlike TV, you can only target those who are interested in your product or service when you invest in a YouTube marketing campaign. Moreover, YouTube advertising is as simple as connecting your account to your AdWords account.

LinkedIn Advertising:

Your organization can use LinkedIn advertising services to engage with extra B2B customers. Roughly, four out of five LinkedIn members are accountable for business choices, and members have the buying power of other social media network members two times.

You can choose from two distinct payment choices in LinkedIn Ads: cost per click or cost per mile.

What We Offer

  • Analytics and reporting

    It is vital for you to have proper tracking and reporting systems before you start marketing in social media. By using our unique social media analysis, companies may obtain critical information in the communities around their brand.

    Our analytics, from demographics in the broader neighborhood to engagement measures, that illustrate how successful specific campaigns are carried out, help company owners focus their marketing messages more accurately.

  • Tracking brand

    There is a large chance that if your consumers talk about your organization online! Customers share their ideas positively and critically about companies through review sites and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

    The state-of-the-art monitoring technologies of NX3 Digital allow you to keep up with what people say about your firm. We will keep eye on any new information about your company in blogs, review websites, or social media platforms on an ongoing basis.

  • Reputation Management

    Managing your reputation online is one of the most important marketing tactics you can do!

    Negative comments and reviews could negatively affect your rankings and your ability to attract new clients to your business. By engaging your consumers and their online reviews actively, your company can keep up with the news and monitor how your brand is seen.

Why Choose Us

NX3 Digital is far more than a social media marketing company; for you, we regard ourselves as an equal business partner.

To market your business efficiently on the Internet, we treat it as ours, which means that we work hard to get a thorough knowledge of your services and goods as well as your sales process, rivals, industry, and target customers.

We also monitor and measure the results of our efforts to ensure that your investment is a sound one in our web marketing services.

Start with our services for social media marketing today!


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